I am wondering about the different fediverse software options and what would be best for various usecases.

Currently, I run a Mastodon and a Lemmy instance that is mostly just for myself, which is great for doing microblogging and link-aggregation/replacing Reddit. In the past I’ve also used various blog platforms for long-form text posts (documentation/guides), and to host some photography pics.

It feels like Mastodon isn’t a good option for hosting long-form content (most instances have 500 char limits lol), nor would it be the best for trying to create a photo space akin to Instagram.

What software options would you recommend for either long-form blog posts or photo hosting? I know Pixelfed is an option (that I am looking into hosting), but is there a good blog option?

I think calckey can host pages and galleries, so it might be a good all-in-one solution? I’m not really sure.

p.s. If I export my content from Mastodon, shut down the instance, then bring up an instance of Calckey with the same domain/username, am I going to break things?

  • jaxOPA
    1 year ago

    Yeah, I use GH/CF pages already for most things (except the images blog(?), that’s on Medium of all places).

    I guess it makes sense to keep the blog it’s own thing and just link to it when I write something.